Медичний центр "Sun Clinic"

Medical center «Sun Clinic»

Medical center "Sun Clinic" is licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (order of the Ministry of Health №684 from 20.03.2020).

Specialists of the center provide services in:
  • medical psychology;
  • psychiatry;
  • psychotherapy.

In their practice, they use current standards of national, European and American treatment protocols.

Many years of practical experience of the specialists of the "Sun Clinic" medical center allows us to work with conditions and diagnoses of varying complexity.

We apply in practice an individual approach to each client.

We work on the basis of strict confidentiality.

We are sure that improving a person's mental (psychic) health increases the quality of his/her life.

Consultations of specialists

We will help you to reveal your personal potential, improve your psycho-emotional state, relationships with others, and lead a more fulfilled life.

  • Medical psychologist
    A specialist who will help you if you find yourself in difficult life circumstances, want to improve the quality of your life, relationships, and better understand yourself and others.

    This specialist also deals with issues of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders in patients.

    The medical psychologist of MC Sun Clinic has 11 years of work experience, knows psychodiagnostic, psychocorrective techniques and psychotherapeutic approaches, uses modern, proven effective methods of treatment and correction in her work.
  • Psychiatrist

    Consultation with a psychiatrist will help determine the degree of mental disorders, and the need for pharmacological treatment. A psychiatrist gives recommendations on treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of people with mental disorders, information on the prognosis or the need for psychotherapy/psychocorrection.

    The doctor carries out a thorough diagnosis in order to determine the presence and degree of a mental disorder, and also differentiates it from other, including somatic (non-mental), disorders.

    Psychiatrists of MC "Sun Clinic" are experienced doctors with a great experience in the treatment of various pathologies, they use modern, globally recognized treatment protocols, prescribe the newest drugs that have a minimum of side effects and high proven effectiveness and safety.

  • Psychotherapist

    Psychotherapist uses long-term methods, such as psychoanalysis, and short-term methods, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

    Psychotherapist specializes in the treatment of mental disorders using psychological methods: structured, science-based interventions recommended by international clinical protocols. He can also use these methods to help in self-discovery, self-development or overcoming crises and psychological difficulties.

    By working with a psychotherapist, you can improve mental health, change patterns of behavior, learn to better manage emotions and states, become aware of traumatic experiences and integrate them into the present so that they do not interfere with living on.

Services of Medical center

The cost of medical center services

The prices on the website are displayed for informational purposes, certain changes are possible. We recommend checking with the administrator beforehand.
Consultation of a psychologist, individual
900 uah
Duration - up to 60 minutes
Consultation of a psychologist (counseling of married couples)
1800 uah / 1300 uah
Initial (1.5 h) and subsequent (1 h), respectively
Psychiatrist consultation (initial or subsequent)
400 uah (30 min)
The duration of the consultation is determined individually. Approximate duration of subsequent consultation - 30 min, initial consultation - 60 min
Consultation of professor psychiatrist
900 uah (30 min)
The duration of the consultation is determined individually. Approximate duration of subsequent consultation - 30 min, initial consultation - 60 min
900 uah
Duration - up to 60 min
Psychodiagnostics (medical psychologist+psychiatrist) on the referral of a psychologist-consultant
1400 uah
Duration - up to 2 hours
Psychodiagnostics referred by doctors (medical psychologist)
750 uah
Up to 60 min
Psychodiagnostics of the personality and emotional sphere (medical psychologist)
1750 uah
Duration - up to 3 hours
Psychological assessment of intelligence (medical psychologist)
950 uah
Duration - up to 2 hours
Additional use of diagnostic scales (psychiatrist)
700 uah
Duration - up to 90 min
Additional use of psychometric scales (psychiatrist)
300 uah
Duration - up to 30-40 min
Consultation of a narcologist (initial or subsequent)
700 uah
Duration - up to 45 min
Educational work with the involvement of the patient's close environment (including family relationship training)
450 uah
Duration - up to 30 minutes
Renewal of the prescription form
100 uah
Specialists of the medical center
All specialists of the medical center "Sun Clinic" are certified doctors with at least
10-year professional education,
have a valid medical license.
  • Ihor Zhuchenko
    psychiatrist, psychotherapist
  • Nadiia Korolishchuk
    medical psychologist
  • Nataliia Levchenkova
  • Oksana Serebrennikova
    psychiatrist, professor
  • Anna Vashchuk
  • Nataliia Savka

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Our address: Generala Handziuka street, 17 (Right wing), Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Medical center "Sun Clinic" LLC is located in "Perlyna Podillia" microdistrict. You need to go through the park near the Yushchenko hospital to Yukivka street, turn right and go straight. On the right, there will be a large building, 17 Generala Handziuka, in the right wing of which is the "Sun Clinic" medical center.

We will be glad to help, because

Sun Clinic is all about self-care.